At Troof, we strive to provide a fun and engaging game that promotes bonding and good-natured competition. We do our best to filter out extreme truths and dares, and we encourage players to respect each other and the game's values.

However, we do not condone any form of sexual harassment. If you feel harassed while playing Troof, please contact the relevant authorities immediately.

Mature Content Disclaimer

Troof is a game for adults only. It contains mature and sexual content and is not suitable for players under the legal age for viewing such content in your area. By playing Troof, you confirm that you are of legal age to view mature and sexual content in your area.

Chat Disclaimer

Troof is not responsible for the content that is sent in the game's chat box. Players are advised to exercise caution when viewing and interacting with the content, and to avoid clicking on any links or images that they are not familiar with or do not trust. Troof cannot be held responsible for any damage or harm that may result from viewing or interacting with the chat box content.

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