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The handbook of troof!

What is Troof?

Welcome to Troof, the exciting new truth or dare game that lets friends bond closer and have an unforgettable experience.

With Troof, you can chat, react, and act upon from over 570+ truths and dares* to test your limits and challenge your friends.

Whether you're playing with friends in person or online, Troof offers endless possibilities for fun and excitement.

* More truths and dares will be added in a later stage

Game Values

  1. Discuss the game with the other players and come to a consensus on what the rules will be.
  2. Clearly communicate the rules to everyone before the game begins.
  3. Make sure everyone understands and agrees to the rules.
  4. Remind players of the rules throughout the game to ensure they are being followed.
  5. Be flexible and willing to adjust the rules if necessary to ensure that everyone is having a good time and that the game is fair and enjoyable for all.
  6. Respect each other's boundaries. if someone does not want to do a truth or dare, do not pressure them.
  7. Have fun! the goal of the game is to have a good time and enjoy each other's company.


Creating/Joining a room

  1. To start a game, create a new room or join an existing one.
  2. To invite other players to join your game, click on the "invite players" or "room code" button. This will copy an invite link that you can then send to the players you wish to invite. They can click on the link to join your game and start playing with you. You can also share the room code with players if you prefer, which they can enter on the main menu to join your game.

The game itself

  1. Players take turns selecting "truth" or "dare" from the options provided.
  2. After selecting a truth or dare, you will be given an instruction to follow.
    • If the instruction requires you to do something physical, you can either screen share, record a video, or turn on your webcam to show the group.
    • If the instruction is a truth, you can answer it in the chat message or via voice if you are playing in a face-to-face setting.
  3. Players may also use the chat feature to communicate with each other and share their experiences during the game.
  4. Continue taking turns and completing truths or dares until all players have had a chance to participate.
  5. Have fun and enjoy the game!

The Party Leaders

The party leader, who will be indicated by a crown icon beside their name, has the ability to kick players from the room and force skip a player's turn. These actions should only be used in appropriate circumstances to ensure that all players are having a fair and enjoyable experience.

The ability to re-roll

Players have the option to re-roll their truth or dare if they are not satisfied with their original selection. This can be done without skipping their turn, but should be used sparingly to allow other players a fair chance to play as well. We encourage players to carefully consider their original selection before choosing to re-roll.

Recommended way to play

While Troof offers chat functionality, it is still best played in a scenario where players can communicate with each other face-to-face. This added level of interaction and engagement enhances the excitement and thrill of the game, making it an unforgettable experience for players.

That"s basically it

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If you have a few more minutes to spare, we would appreciate if you took the time to read the below section for more information


Please note that Troof and its creator are not legally responsible for any actions or consequences resulting from players not exercising their own responsibility. As a reminder, a warning has been provided and it is the player"s responsibility to exercise caution while playing. By using Troof, players accept and acknowledge this disclaimer and agree to be responsible for their own actions.


Please note that Troof is currently in beta testing and is not yet a finished product. As a result, some features, user interface elements, and overall experiences may change when new versions of the game are released. We appreciate your understanding and feedback as we continue to improve and refine the game. Thank you for your support and we hope you have a great time playing Troof!

A message from the creator

Thank you for choosing to play Troof! We are thrilled that you are enjoying our game and are grateful for your support. As Troof is made by a single developer, we appreciate your understanding if you experience any bugs or issues while playing. We are dedicated to improving the game and addressing any issues that may arise, but in the meantime, we hope you have a very enjoyable time playing. Thank you again for choosing Troof and we hope to see you back for more fun and excitement!

- Nabil

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